Breakfast Taco Book (eBook)

I first wrote the e-version of The Breakfast Taco Book back in 2010 when we first started the Hilah Cooking show. To write a book on breakfast tacos only made sense, being that we lived in Austin and breakfast tacos are one of the top three Austin-y things about Austin! (The other top things being beer and coffee.)

That original ebook eventually went up for sale through Amazon and since then, it’s been downloaded over 50 thousand times! That’s almost unbelievable to me! And we got great feedback; people really liked it. We got many requests for a print version, but I wanted to take the time to revise it before we designed it for print. After all, for as much as I liked it, it was my first cookbook and surely there was more I could add!

So add, I did. For the second edition of The Breakfast Taco Book, I interviewed several more taco experts; scoured newspaper archives in search of the birthplace of breakfast tacos; drove all over Texas tasting and photographing breakfast tacos; and created several new breakfast taco recipes and combinations. What fun!

My hope is that this book entertains you, informs you, and gives you every recipe you need to make yourself some damn breakfast tacos, no matter where in the world you live.


Breakfast Taco Book

The Breakfast Taco Book is back in a completely revised and expanded second edition! The new edition features two brand-new chapters and exclusive new recipes. 

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